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In Progress

In Progress


Empowering you with choices to improve your health
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Food Truck

We provide a healthy, tasty vegetarian menu through our food truck. We 


Holistic Health Education

Interested in improving your health?

Would you like a personal health assistant?


Addiction Recovery Support Program

This pilot program will demonstrate that a holistic approach to addiction recovery can provide relief as well as help improve a persons mental and emotional well- being. 

Addiction Recovery Support Program
About Us

My name is Yvette Williams. I am the owner of 2 Your Health, LLC. My company includes a food truck, holistic health education, as well as an addiction recovery support program. I created my business to help others naturally heal their bodies because of first hand experience with life threatening toxicity. 

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I absolutely love the tofu meal, nice flavor and texture... tastes so good.

M. Neufville

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